Library of Things

Did you know, you can borrow more than just books and DVD's at our library?

Here at River East, we have a comprehensive selection of household goods, games and musical instruments that can be checked out any time! Whether you've always fancied learning the ukelele, feel like making an awesome cake but don't have the right pan, need some Lego to keep the kids busy, or have always had the urge to learn how to use a sewing machine, we've got you covered! Browse our list of items you can check out, and give us a call for curbside pickup!


Cooking Implements:

Christmas Tree Pans

Second photograph of christmas tree shaped baking pans

Photograph of a christmas tree shaped baking pan


Snowman Pans

Snowman shaped baking pan

Second photograph of a snowman shaped baking pan

Other baking pans

Photograph of a bundt pan


Other kitchenware:

Cookie Press

Photograph of a Cookie Press

Waffle iron and Food Dehydrator